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Jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

It’s not just Peppa Pig who gets to don her wellies and enjoy the great outdoors; our children have been doing just that as part of our new Forest School initiative! For the last couple of weeks, we’ve welcomed in Kelly and Tracey from Rushcliffe Children’s Centre to show our staff and little ones what it’s all about.

So far, we’ve enjoyed all the mud that the recent rain has brought by making mud pies and generally slipping and sliding about in the sticky stuff. The children have also become little twitchers, eagerly awaiting any birds who might land on their newly made bird feeders. We’ve also learned how to make our own paintbrushes from twigs and leaves, creating our own muddy masterpieces in the process.

There’s more to come next week… the little ones are already super excited with thoughts of building dens, hammering nails and maybe munching a marshmallow or two in front of a pretend camp fire! Roll on Welly Wednesday!

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