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Week 5 Activities

***Parents and carers!!! Please see your emails for all the lovely attachments!***

Hi all

Hope you are all surviving and these weekly e mails are helping you in a small way to pass the time !

Thank you for the lovely photos you keep sending, we are loving seeing them, keep them coming !

This week, continuing the theme of Traditional stories is "The Billy Goats Gruff"

1. (attachment 1) Please find an e book of the story. Again as last week, see if you have the "real" book of the story to share with your child, this is just a different way of seeing it.

As last week encourage your child to join in with the story where they can. (SORRY ALL, THIS FILE IS VERY BIG AND BOUNCED BACK FROM SOME E MAILS, SO SECOND TRY WITHOUT E BOOK )

2. (Attachment 2) Story puppets, to help retell the story. Colour, cut and put on a stick or stiff card !!

3. (attachment 3) Home Learning Challenges. good to generate lots of discussion around the story, retelling the story and talking about the characters.

Lots of talk about different sizes and some lovely ideas for crafting a troll (let their imagination run riot !!!

4 (attachment 4) How much Grass. If you have any shredded paper, wool, real grass,or pen or crayon !, stick or draw a large amount for the big goat, little bit for the small goat etc

Talkabout what goats eat !

5. (attachment 5) Cutting activity. Can the children follow the dotted lines with scissors ? Colour and cut

6. (attachment 6) Cone models of the goats and troll colour, cut and make together.

7. This weeks letter/sound if "g". Look around the house and garden for things that start with G.

8. Can you build a bridge, for your puppets to go over. Using duplo, bricks, card, boxes, anything !!

The weather over the next week is supposed to be wonderful, please play outside !!!!!!!!!!!

Can I ask parents of our older children, now that the school places for September have been allocated, that you can let us know where your child will be attending.

We will in due course be filling in transition records ready for school.

Please find attached some information about preparing your child for school and a handy checklist.

Thank you and have a good week

Love Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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