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Early Years Curriculum

Tollerton Playgroup aims to provide our children with learning opportunities in line with Government guidelines set out in The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We aim to provide activities, both child initiated and adult led, that are based on play, so that the children can learn with enjoyment.  Learning opportunities are provided through all areas and these are supported by staff.

Nursery School

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The main aim of our group, through the planned activities and the daily routine is to enable the children to be confident and happy independent learners and to have all the experiences and support they need to develop a positive self image. 

We aim to make them enthusiastic learners and to be able to interact and work co-operatively with their peers.
We aim to provide opportunities for the children to: 
-      play alone, as well as part of a group
-      choose their own play and the appropriate resources.
-      have space and time to develop their own interests.
-      have their efforts acknowledged and encouraged.
-      receive support in making their own choices.
-      experience positive images and resources form all cultures and backgrounds.
-      become personally independent. 

Kids Painting

Communication, Language and Literacy

This area includes the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing, all the skills we need for effective communication. We aim to provide opportunities for the children to:

 -      engage in conversations, where they can discuss their ideas, how they feel etc, insituations with adult support.
-      provide extra support to children who are experiencing difficulties in communicating,and for those for whom English is an additional language.
-      have access to a wide range of books, stories,rhymes and songs on a daily basis.
-      link the spoken, written and read word in all role play situations.
-      create an environment where the written word is displayed.
-      integrate opportunities for reading and writing to feature in everyday life. 

Child Doing Art Activity

Expressive Arts and Design

This area includes opportunities for the children to explore art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play.  To enable the children to progress we offer opportunities for:

 -      a wide range of activities that can be responded to using all senses.
-      activities that allow the children to express their own ideas.
-      activities that are accessible to all.
-      the children to have sufficient time to explore their own interests.
-      provide a range of resources from around the world.
-      give gentle encouragement at all times.

Child Doing Art Activity

Mathematical Development

Mathematical development takes many different strands to provide enjoyable and interesting experiences.  It includes the areas of sorting, matching, counting, patterns, time, measurement, shape and space.  Opportunities include :

-      practical activities, sand, water, dough, pasta to maintain interest while encouraging mathematical language, weighing, counting and exploring.
-      a range of resources to count, order , match and sort.
-      daily experiences of numbers, counting on and back which support maths learning.
-      role playing activities that promote maths learning, eg. Cooking, hospital.
-      stories, rhymes and songs which feature numbers, counting on and back.
-      Small world play, providing the chance to sort, sequence, graduate and matching. 

Kids in Preschool

Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

This area covers the areas of I.T., history, geography, science and technology.  We aim to provide:

-      activities that are relevant to the children’s experiences and involve exploring, logical thinking, observation, experimentation and discussion. Adults play a key role in stimulating children’s imagination.
-      opportunities to become aware of other ways of living and to be aware and sensitive to theneeds of others.  Involving our families is a valuable resource.
-      opportunities for girls and boys to have equal access to all activities.
-      children with additional and specific learning needs have access to all activities.  

Drawing & Coloring

Physical Development

This involves co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement.  We aim to develop our children’s self esteemand become confident about their own ability. We emphasise the importance of being active and therefore healthy.  Opportunities will include:

 -      activities that encourage physical challenge, large climbing frames to small balls. Wheeled vehicles etc are provided daily.
-      activities are provided daily that require the handling of small apparatus, such asscissors, glue spreaders etc.
-      action songs and rhymes – including using scarves/ streamers (inside and out)
-      outdoor activities are provided daily
-      allowing children sufficient time to explore at their own level.
-      appropriate support to any children with additional needs
 –     encouraging all children to beindependent at all times

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