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Handover Protocol to After School Provision

Version 1 - updated 26.05.20

1. All adults to maintain 2m social distancing at all times.

2. Do not enter lobby unless empty. Playgroup is operating staggered entry and departure, there may be parents waiting.

3. The outside of Playgroup will be marked in 2m intervals from the main door to the gate and signed as a reminder for all adults and older children.

4. Inside the furniture has been moved into 3 zones and markings are in place to enable Playgroup children to stay in their “bubbles” and remind adults/ older children of social distancing rules. Please do not move furniture around.

NB - It may be useful for Hideout staff to keep children in 1 or 2 zones, as all surfaces/ equipment used must be cleaned before and after use, to prevent any cross contamination.

5. Playgroup will have finished and cleaned in the Kitchen area by 3pm. (Please see kitchen protocol).

6. As per the guidance all soft toys/ dressing up should be removed.

7. Playgroup will clean/ disinfect before leaving and we expect Hideout to do the same.

8. Breakfast Club – Hideout staff will be expected as usual to leave the building by 8.30, having cleaned all surfaces/ equipment used before they leave (Again it may be useful to restrict the zones used, to enable staff to clean kitchen/ surfaces/equipment before they leave).

This protocol is one of seven Coronavirus protocols we have put in place, based on our overall risk assessment. These are:

  1. Parent protocol

  2. Staff protocol

  3. Effective infection protection and control protocol

  4. What happens if someone is unwell protocol

  5. Confirmed case protocol

  6. Kitchen protocol

  7. Handover protocol to after school provision

All are regularly reviewed / updated by staff / parent committee in line with Government guidance. All are published on our website –

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