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Week 6 Activities

*** Parents and carers - please check your emails for all attachments!*** Hi all Another week ! Hope you are all surviving !! Hope the weather improves !! (Although good for puddle jumping !!) Thank you once again for all the photos, e mails, messages and even videos ! We love seeing them and glad you are finding the weekly activities helpful !! This week our story is GOLDILOCKS AND THE 3 BEARS (ONE OF MY FAVOURITES :) ) I am not attempting an e book this week, after last week's problems ! There are lots of versions of the story/ songs on you tube. (some better than others !!!) 1. As always, share story books with your child, encouraging them to join in with the familiar refrains eg "Who's

Week 5 Activities

***Parents and carers!!! Please see your emails for all the lovely attachments!*** Hi all Hope you are all surviving and these weekly e mails are helping you in a small way to pass the time ! Thank you for the lovely photos you keep sending, we are loving seeing them, keep them coming ! This week, continuing the theme of Traditional stories is "The Billy Goats Gruff" 1. (attachment 1) Please find an e book of the story. Again as last week, see if you have the "real" book of the story to share with your child, this is just a different way of seeing it. As last week encourage your child to join in with the story where they can. (SORRY ALL, THIS FILE IS VERY BIG AND BOUNCED BACK FROM SOME E MA

Week 4 Activities

**Parents - Please see emails for all the attachments!** Good morning everyone We hope you all managed to have a good Easter weekend Thank you for all the lovely pictures you have sent, we are missing the children so much, please keep them coming! xxx This half term our topic would have been Traditional Stories, we are going to carry on the theme as we suspect you have these stories at home !! This week is THE 3 LITTLE PIGS 1. (attachment 1) Please find an e book of the story. Obviously use the books/stories you have ! Get the children to join in as you share the story. 2. (attachment 2) Puppets to colour and cut out, mount on sticks or stiff card. Retell the story, try to sequence in order.

Week 3 Activities

** Parents, please check your emails for all the attachments!** Hello everyone I hope you are all well and keeping safe. The start of the third week !! I hope you are finding these activities helpful !! This week - EASTER 1. Talk about the story of Easter. I've attached a very simplified version of the Easter story (File 1) noting the key events of Easter week. This can be a tricky subject to broach with small children. Please use/expand as you feel appropriate for your child. 2. Continuing on from last week, exploring eggs !! using the books and the internet. Talk about eggs as a symbol of new life, that is why we have them at Easter. 3. (Activity sheet 2) Cut out and stick a series of d

Update 5 for parents - Coronavirus

Dear parents / carers We miss you all and our little friends! Hope you're keeping healthy and safe at home with your families. Here's a quick update on a couple of things we thought you'd like to know. 1. Fee paying children: We will not be invoicing parents / carers for the summer term. This will re-commence when we are, once again, fully open (which we all hope will not be too far in the future). Nottinghamshire County Council has confirmed we will still receive our nursery grant for the summer term for 3 and 4 year olds, and this will tide us over for the coming months. We remain open for our keyworker families to help them them during these difficult times. 2. Keyworker families: Thanks

Week 2 activities

***Please check your emails parents for all attachments!*** Good morning all I hope you are all surviving and keeping safe, we are missing the children so much !!! Thank you for all the lovely comments and photos you have been sending of the activities you have have been doing xx I will be sending activities out each week until we can return to normal. This week all the activities are about EGGS !!!! 1. Talk about eggs (Google or books) what is an egg? Where do they come from? (words to include, shell, yolk and white !) Explore which animals come out of an egg and which don't ! (Activity sheet 1) What hatches from an egg ? Cut out and sort into 2 groups, lots of conversation about which do a

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