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Week 14 Activities

**Parents/carers please check emails for all attachments!** Hi all Sorry for delay , it has been a very busy week !!!!! This week we have been focusing on "Transport in Water ", we have been exploring different boats and submarines. Have a look in your toyboxes and books, what boats do you have, what stories or information books do you have ? 1. Have you been on a boat? What sort of boat was it ? Can you google "boats" or look in your books for different sorts of watercraft. yachts,rowing boats, ferry, liner, hovercraft, submarine etc..... 2. Can you draw/ paint/ make a boat ? Try to use something out of the recycling box, a box, a food tray, ???? 3. (Attachment 1) Can you match the boa

Week 13 Activities

**Parents / carers, please check emails for all attachments!** Hi all Hope you are all well !! Where is the time going ?? Another week done, what very strange weather !!!! This is the week for all you Thomas the Tank Engine officinados !!! This week we are exploring TRAINS !!!! 1. We have had all our train sets out this week and a lesson from an expert train spotter (aged 3 and a half !!) We now know all the names of "Thomas and his engine friends" !!!Get your engines or books out, or google !!! Can you identify who is who? What colours are the engines? What number is on the side ? 2. (Attachment 1) We have also been looking at some old vehicles and pictures of vehicles. See if you can f

Week 12 Activities

**Parents/carers please check emails for all attachments!** Hi all Hope you are all keeping well, another week !!! This week we are looking at the different types of Vehicles that use Roads ! Specifically we are looking at Road Safety !!! 1. (Attachment 1) Road safety maze. As you go about your daily exercise !! It is a great opportunity to talk about and reinforce the need to be safe while walking near the road ! How do we behave near a road? Can you find a safe place to cross? Holding adults' hands ! Using the maze, can you talk about which places are safe, which are dangerous. Discuss zebra and pelican crossings. 2. Can you draw a map of where you live (don't panic !! I m not expecti

Week 11 Activities

** Parents / Carers - please see your emails for all attachments! ** Hi All Hope you are keeping well and safe, we are missing you all so much ! This half term our Topic is TRANSPORT. Obviously unlike the last half term's topic, there are no specific books to share, we are hoping that you all continue to share books each day with your children (I miss the bedtime stories I used to share with my boys, a lovely end to the day !) Please share any favourites with us in your photos and comments. We start this week with "Wheels" and "Vehicles with Wheels" 1. Get the toy boxes out !!!! What toys have you got with wheels ? Do they have big wheels? small wheels? Tyres ? Can you identify the vehicle

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