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Week 12 Activities

**Parents/carers please check emails for all attachments!**

Hi all

Hope you are all keeping well, another week !!!

This week we are looking at the different types of Vehicles that use Roads !

Specifically we are looking at Road Safety !!!

1. (Attachment 1) Road safety maze.

As you go about your daily exercise !! It is a great opportunity to talk about and reinforce the need to be safe while walking near the road ! How do we behave near a road? Can you find a safe place to cross? Holding adults' hands !

Using the maze, can you talk about which places are safe, which are dangerous. Discuss zebra and pelican crossings.

2. Can you draw a map of where you live (don't panic !! I m not expecting accuracy !!) Have a walk around near your house, What can you see ? Can you draw your house on a map ?

Put on houses, roads, trees, signs, door numbers, cars etc. This is a lovely whole family activity !

3. (Attachment 2) On the road

Can you cut out the vehicles and stick on the picture, where they might go. (train on track, Bike in the park etc )

4. (Attachment 3) I SPY

The attachment is a picture with lots of vehicles. What can you see ? Can you count all the bikes, scooters etc ? At Playgroup this week we have been watching the vehicles go by, doing a small survey (Lots of diggers and lorries this week !!!) Perhaps you could do this at home !

5. (Attachment 4) Some hand control, follow the lines ..........

6. Carrying on with the "wheels" theme from last week. Can you make a ramp for your vehicles to go down ?( anything can be used, a large book, piece of wood, piece of card, whatever you can find ? Do they go fast ? Do they go slowly? How far do they travel off the ramp? Can you make a different ramp ? (possibly higher at one end than before) Do the cars go faster ? Do the cars go further ? Try with different sized vehicles/ different sized wheels !!!

7. (Attachment 5) Can you make a lorry ? Use the shapes (what shapes are they?) A grown up may need to help cutting out !) Decorate your lorry. What is your lorry delivering ? Has it got words on the side? Where is it going ?

8. As always raid your bookshelves !!! What stories have you got with cars/ lorries/ bikes/ construction vehicles, etc in . Do you have information books about vehicles ? Share together and Enjoy !

As always, please send us your photos , We had some lovely bike and scooter pictures this week. We do love to see what you are all doing ....

Take care and keep safe

Lots of love

Tracey xxxxxxxxxxx