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Week 14 Activities

**Parents/carers please check emails for all attachments!**

Hi all

Sorry for delay , it has been a very busy week !!!!!

This week we have been focusing on "Transport in Water ", we have been exploring different boats and submarines.

Have a look in your toyboxes and books, what boats do you have, what stories or information books do you have ?

1. Have you been on a boat? What sort of boat was it ?

Can you google "boats" or look in your books for different sorts of watercraft. yachts,rowing boats, ferry, liner, hovercraft, submarine etc.....

2. Can you draw/ paint/ make a boat ? Try to use something out of the recycling box, a box, a food tray, ????

3. (Attachment 1) Can you match the boats together that are the same ? describe the patterns on the sails,

4. (Attachment 2) A canal boat. Can you join the dots together to make the boat? (good reinforcement of number recognition)

We have been exploring Pirates at Playgroup. Our favourite story has been "Pirates love Underpants"

We have made treasure maps and looked for lots of treasure, especially the Golden Pants and lots of money !!!

5. (Attachment 3) Can you colour (or draw yourself) a treasure map ? What is the treasure going to be? Can you find the treasure ?

(adults can put treasure around the house and the garden and see if your child can find it )

6. (Attachment 4) Reinforcement of 2D shapes. Can you name the 4 shapes in the picture, circle, triangle, square, rectangle.

Can you see them in the picture ?

7. (Attachment 5) Cone Pirates.

Colour, cut and make. Great for retelling familiar stories/ making up their own adventures (Perhaps they will fit in your boat ??)

8. Money !!!!

Can you and child look at some money together ? What do coins look like? Can you see the Queen? What colour are they ? Do they have numbers on ?

( Useful number recognition) Children are fascinated by coins, Good chance to look in money boxes/ spare change pots!!!!

Do you have money from different countries ? What is the same ? What is different ?

As always, we love to see what you are all up to , it's great to see your photos, thank you so much for the ones you have already sent.

We have made a lovely album entitled "What we did in Lockdown" so that when all this is over we can look back at what we all did to keep busy !!!!

Take care and be safe

Lots of love Tracey xxxxxxxxx

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