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Week 13 Activities

**Parents / carers, please check emails for all attachments!**

Hi all

Hope you are all well !! Where is the time going ??

Another week done, what very strange weather !!!!

This is the week for all you Thomas the Tank Engine officinados !!!

This week we are exploring TRAINS !!!!

1. We have had all our train sets out this week and a lesson from an expert train spotter (aged 3 and a half !!) We now know all the names of "Thomas and his engine friends" !!!Get your engines or books out, or google !!! Can you identify who is who? What colours are the engines? What number is on the side ?

2. (Attachment 1) We have also been looking at some old vehicles and pictures of vehicles. See if you can find some ? (books or google !!) Talk about the various pictures of old and modern transport, Can you identify the modern pictures and then what they used to look like ?

3. (Attachment 2) Can you cut out and sort the steam trains ? Can you put them in order from the Biggest to the Smallest ?

4. (Attachment 3) Similar to last week's Map Activity. Can you make a picture ? Draw a train track (good practice for horizontal and vertical lines !!!) Then cut out and put on the attached pictures, where will the animals go? Where will the tunnel go? What about the hot air balloon ?. Make a picture and add your own scenery !

5. (Attachment 4) What shapes do you recognise ? Can you name and talkabout the 2D shapes? How many sides do they have? Can you draw these shapes ? How many circles can you find? and rectangles? etc. Can you colour the shapes to make the train?

6. (Attachment 5) Pencil and hand control. Can you take the train to the station ? How many bridges do you go under ?

7. Can you build a railway (if you have a set)? Does it have a bridge? a tunnel? a shed for the engines?

8. Can you remember the song "Down at the station " sing along with your family ( lots of versions on you-tube!!! Can you find any other train songs ?

9. This week's phonic is "r"

Can you find 5 things at home that start with the sound "r" ?

10. Have you been on a train? Have you been on a tram ? Where did you go ? What was it like ? Do you have a photo ?

As always we do still love to see what you are up to , we love your photos and videos, keep them coming !!

Keep safe and take care

lots of love Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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