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Week 11 Activities

June 3, 2020



** Parents / Carers - please see your emails for all attachments! **


Hi All


Hope you are keeping well and safe, we are missing you all so much !


This half term our Topic is TRANSPORT.


Obviously unlike the last half term's topic, there  are no specific books to share, we are hoping that you all continue to share books each day with your children (I miss the bedtime stories I used to share with my boys, a lovely end to the day !) Please share any favourites with us in your photos and comments.


We start this week with "Wheels" and "Vehicles with Wheels"


1. Get the toy boxes out !!!!

What toys have you got with wheels ?

Do they have big wheels? small wheels? Tyres ? 

Can you identify the vehicle ? bus/ car/ lorry/ ambulance/ tractor/ trailers/ caravan.........

Can you sort your vehicles into groups ? which ones go together? 

What shape are wheels?


2. (Attachment 1)  Can you sort the vehicles into 2 groups, the ones with wheels and the ones without ?  You may need a grown up to help you cut out !  Lots of discussion about which vehicles they have been on/in, Which have they seen ?


3. Can you make a garage for your favourite vehicle ? could be made of duplo/ junk box modelling, whatever you have to hand !  How big does it need to be? Does it have a door ? How many vehicles fit in?


4. Can you make a picture of a bus ?  Paint, collage, drawing !  Get your grown up to send a photo !!!

5.(Attachment 2)  Number recognition 1 to 10.  Can you join the dots to make a bus ?


6. Can you sing "The Wheels on the bus " there are lots of versions on you tube if you don't already know it !!! Can you do actions as you sing ?  Have you been on a bus?  What was it like ? What did you do ? Where did you go ?


7. Can you ride a bicycle ? Can you ride a scooter ? How do you keep safe when riding/ scooting ?


8. (Attachment 3 )   Hand and Pencil control, always remember letters and numbers go left to right and top to bottom !!


As always we love seeing your photos and videos. Enjoy the activities and keep safe and well, sending lots of virtual hugs to you all


Lots of love Tracey xxxxxx












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