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Reading into the future!

Sharing a book whilst having a cuddle with your little one is an amazing thing to do! Not only does it give you a bit of quiet time to relax and bond, it also means that you’re starting that all important journey towards helping your child learn to read, opening up their imaginations to new and exciting things along the way.

Here at Playgroup, we absolutely love story-time! Each session, our youngsters take it in turns to choose a book and can often get quite animated about the pictures and characters that we come across. Our favourite author and illustrator is Nick Sharratt, the children just love the Nick and Sue books!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at traditional stories such as Chicken Licken, The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood and The Magic Porridge Pot, as well as many others. The theme of traditional stories will be carried out across all our activities, including arts and crafts, and the games we play outdoors. Anyone up for “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?!”

At the end of each session, we encourage our tots to choose a book from our library to take home and share with you. We expect the traditional stories to fly off the shelves as they have done in previous years – they are always popular!

We have lots of other great reads to choose from too; some books have no text just pictures for your child to talk about, whilst others may have one word to a page or a sentence or a rhyme or lots of repetitive text.

Whatever book your child chooses, we’d love it if you could find time each week to share it with them. We’re not expecting every child to read every book they bring home, just to dip in and out as they choose!

Children learn to read at different times, in different ways and using a range of skills. The most important thing at this stage is that they see books and the pictures in them as fun, enjoyable and something that sparks their interest, perhaps leading to a new ‘pretend play’ game or activity with their toys!

We’ve put together a few general tips here to help you when reading with your child. We hope you find them useful.

- Always choose a quiet time to look at books, with little or no distraction!!

- If your child doesn’t want to share a book, DON’T !!!

- Try to make the time as positive as possible

- Encourage the children to choose their own books

- Always read the books from front to back and turn one page at a time

- Encourage your child to talk about the book, pictures and story as much as possible

- Read any text TO your child pointing to the words as you read

- Children gain tremendous confidence from re-reading and looking at favourite and familiar books - let them do this as often as they like

- When talking about letters, always use the sound that the letter makes, not its name

- Return and replace books from Playgroup as often as your child likes

Happy Reading!

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