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Little legs go that extra mile!

Last week, our children ate all their Weetabix for breakfast so they were big, strong and ready to see just how far their little legs would travel in our annual sponsored walk. Once again, they amazed us at how brilliantly they all did! The sun shone (phew!) and each day, our youngsters merrily tackled the challenge of trying to walk around the school field five times. By our calculations, that’s got to be a good few hundred teeny footsteps for each of our tots!

And on a couple of occasions, we were even joined by some of the class 6 children who had escaped from their classrooms a little earlier than normal after finishing their SATS exams. It was so lovely to see the big kids giving the little kids some encouragement to complete their challenge!

Well done to all our youngsters (and a few of their much loved toys!) for their enthusiasm and participation. A huge thank-you must also go to all those friends and relatives who once again gave so generously in supporting them. So far, we’ve raised over £200, with sponsor money still coming in! Happy days, and tired feet!

*** Update! The grand total raised stands at £320 - thankyou!

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