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It takes two!

Your Child’s Journey to School Blog 2:

We all know children thrive when they are nurtured in a loving environment where their grown up(s) help and support them in reaching key development milestones. But sometimes, parents feel at a loss as to how they can manage the “terrible twos,” with tantrums galore and general frustration all round!

But a little understanding can go a long way. That’s the message from Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Nottinghamshire Children and Families Partnership in their “Guide to preparing your child for nursery and school.”

This blog is the second in our series about this Guide. It features extracts to help parents and carers understand what their tot will be doing by the age of two, and why there may be meltdowns when said tot can’t quite do what they are trying to do! It also provides some handy top tips. “By two years, your child will be… • Trying to feed themselves and use a toothbrush; • Using a spoon, fork and cup at family meal times with your help; • Saying at least 50 words and making two-word sentences; • Understanding at least 100 words and simple instructions; • Aware of using the toilet / potty and washing their hands; • Able to remove some clothes and have a go at putting them back on; • Playing outside and enjoying imaginative and pretend play with you; • Able to walk on their own; • Getting a good night’s sleep; • Drinking from a cup or using a straw; • Able to say some counting words in their play.” “Two year top tips… • Ensure your child is up to date with their injections; • Book a visit to your dentist; • Attend toddler groups / nursery / children’s centre; • Ensure your child has a good bedtime routine; • Use dummies just at sleep times and try to stop using bottles; • Share stories, singing and talking time together with your child; • Use number words in meaningful contexts e.g. ‘Here is your other mitten. Now we have two;’ • Your child will soon have a 2 year development review with your Health Family Team. • If your child attends an early years setting, (s)he will have a 2 year progress check as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage. • Check if your child is eligible for a free two-year old childcare place at / And remember, if you want to change a behaviour or introduce a new routine, it might take up to 2 weeks.” Patience and perseverance is key!

Next time, we’ll be sharing information from the Guide about three year olds. Keep an eye out for more useful info!

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