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Three is the magic number!

Your Child’s Journey to School Blog 3:

Parents and carers often say that by the time their little one reaches the age of three, things are getting a tad easier. Nights are a little less broken with everyone in the family getting just a touch more sleep. And because their tot can - more often than not - communicate what they want and how they feel, there tend to be fewer tantrums.

Being three is an exciting time for a child too, and it’s also a very rewarding time for parents as they watch their child become more independent.

This blog is the third in our series about the “Guide to preparing your child for nursery and school,” published by Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Nottinghamshire Children and Families Partnership.

According to the Guide, “by three years your child will be…

• Trying to get themselves dressed; • Using the toilet or potty regularly; • Able to brush their own teeth with your help; • Beginning to recognise and describe their feelings; • Listening to and following longer instructions; • Eating a variety of healthy foods; • Able to say 500-700 words and using sentences of four or more words; • Using an open cup for drinking; • Running, jumping and balancing; • Able to turn pages of a book, do a peg jigsaw or thread bobbins; • Making friends and may have a special friend; • Able to say some number names in order.”

To help nurture your “threenager’s” growing independence, follow these top tips:

• Ensure your child has a morning routine that includes breakfast, washing, teeth, toileting and dressing; • Have a bedtime routine that includes quiet time, getting ready for bed, toilet, teeth and story; • Ensure your child has the opportunity to mix with children their own age; • Start thinking about your child’s pre-school booster: ; • Limit sugary food and drink to mealtimes only – ; • Talk to your Healthy Family Team, Children’s Centre or early years setting if you have any concerns; • Take up your free 15 or 30 hours childcare place – ; • Look for a primary school.”

Next time, we’ll be sharing information from the Guide about four year olds. Watch this space!

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