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Keep calm, Playgroup’s back!

A very warm welcome back to everyone at Playgroup, particularly to our new children and their families! The summer seems to have shot by in a blur of sun-cream and ice-lollies, but it’s great to be back and to tell you our news.

Over the holidays, Steve - our lovely caretaker - has been doing lots of maintenance in and around the Playgroup building. We’ve also been making improvements to our forest school area. The existing wooden pallets now have ‘legs’ so they’re on more of a level with our little ones. Our mud kitchen is under construction! And a new sand and water tray has been installed (a wonderful gift from the parents of one of our July leavers, thank-you!).

This half term’s focus area is colours and shapes. We’d love it if the children could bring in items, books and pictures and to ‘show and tell’ things that relate to our topic, or indeed anything they have been up to at home.

Christmas is on the horizon, even though we’ve not yet put the heating on, so here’s a date for your diaries. Playgroup’s Christmas Party will take place on our last day of term, Friday 21st December. There will be no normal Playgroup sessions on that day (no one is charged fees!) and we will have our party from 9am to 12 noon. All the children are invited. Ho ho ho!

Here are some other useful bits of info that you might find useful, and in the meantime, don’t forget to find us on Facebook @TollertonPlaygroup for day to day updates on our activities.

Dates/Times. Please find attached the list of term dates for this year, in line with Tollerton Primary School. We remain open on Tollerton School’s Inset days.

o Autumn Term 2018 Start: Tues 4th September Break up: Friday 26th October Return: Monday 5th November Break up: Friday 21st December

o Spring Term 2019 Start: Monday 7th January Break up: Friday 15th February Return: Monday 25th February Break up: Friday 5th April

o Summer Term 2019 Start: Tuesday 23rd April May Day: Monday 6th May Break up: Friday 24th May Return: Monday 3rd June Break up: Friday 19th July

Sweatshirts/Cardigans and T-shirts. Sweatshirts and polo shirts with the playgroup logo on are available , sweatshirts/cardigans priced £9 and the polo shirts £6. Please see a member of staff.

Contact Information. Please can you make sure that we are notified of any changes to contact information eg. Address, phone numbers etc. It is vital that these are kept up to date.

Keyperson Changes. It will be necessary to change some of the children’s Keyworkers as both staff and children change/add sessions. We will send out new letters, so that everyone will know/ be reminded of who their child’s keyworker is.

Nursery Grant Forms. These will be available to all those entitled. The free sessions are available from the term after your child’s 3rd birthday. Please ask if you are not sure. Please note that claims are for up to 15 hours. Please ask about claiming 30 hours funding.

Rota. If you would like to ‘come and play’ at any point during the term, please sign up on the Parent’s rota on the main door. We would love to see you. We do advise that if your child has only just started or settled in, that you leave it for a few weeks!

Fees. Our annual fees rise comes into effect from September 2018. Each session will now be £12.50 and Lunch Club £3.50.

Scrap Paper/ Craft. As you can imagine we get through a lot of paper, old cards, envelopes, assorted craft/scrap items especially on the writing table. We welcome any such items donations. If you know of any companies changing letterhead etc please let us know. Thank you in advance.

Parking. Please park considerately. Parking is a big issue outside school and playgroup. Please do not park on the zig zags or on the verge opposite school. We thank you for your understanding, we want to keep all our children safe.

Raffle/Tombola Prizes. We are always on the lookout for prizes for various fundraising events. If you have any suitable items we would love to have them.

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