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Get rockin’ with Tolly rocks!

You may have noticed on your travels though Tollerton that there seem to be lots of painted rocks appearing all over the place which then disappear and reappear somewhere else! It’s all part of a growing national trend that’s now arrived on our doorsteps, which aims to get youngsters out and about into the fresh air whilst tapping into their creative talents.

Think of it as a game of rock hide and seek, where you can be an artist and explore your community at the same time. Anyone can take part, simply find a rock, paint it using waterproof paint or varnish, write and your name (optional) on the back, and then hide it somewhere in the village for other eagle-eyed rock hunters to find! The idea is that if you find one, you take a picture, load it up onto the tollyrocks website, and then give it a new home.

It’s a great game, and one which we’ve been embracing at Playgroup. It’s amazing how far some of these rocks have travelled! Burnside Grove down to the open space at the end of Lothian Road is the other end of the earth to some of our little people with little legs!

And we keep hearing tales that many children from Tollerton Primary School next door and their younger Playgroup siblings are allowing more time on the school run so they can hunt for a rock or two! (Sorry mums and dads!)

So if you’re stuck for something to do this weekend with your tots, why not paint and hide a tollyrock. Sure, it might be a little bit messy, but it’s all good fun. And you never know where your work of art might end up!

Find us on Facebook @TollertonPlaygroup for day to day updates on our activities. Please note, some words in this blog are extracted from the tollyrocks website - no copyright infringement intended, we just think the idea is fab and we want to spread the love!

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