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Pre-school vs Nursery?!

Ever wondered what the difference is between a pre-school setting like Tollerton Playgroup and a private nursery? First time parents, grandparents and carers can often be none the wiser about their childcare options when planning a return to work.

Some often panic following chats with their new mummy and daddy friends about huge waiting lists at popular nurseries, and rush to get their child’s name on a waiting list before properly weighing up all their childcare options.

Others don’t know where to start looking for childminders, particularly if they are new to an area. And then there are those who immediately dismiss pre-schools, because they only operate during term time and school-hours only.

Tracey Owen, Supervisor at Tollerton Playgroup, explains: “When chatting to our parents, many say that in hindsight, they wish they had made different childcare arrangements rather than simply opt for supposedly the easiest – but most expensive – option of a private day nursery for their little one.”

Here are just a few reasons to choose Playgroup over a nursery setting…

• Playgroup is a charity rather than a business. Our focus is not just on the financial bottom line and getting little bottoms on seats; we believe in giving our youngsters every opportunity to thrive in a safe, fun environment.

• Playgroup runs in term-time and school hours only, rather than 8am-6pm all year-round. This shouldn’t put working parents off! We have a great relationship with a number of local childminders, who can help to fill the gap.

• Playgroup’s staff are loyal, caring, fully trained and hugely experienced. There tends to be a higher employee turnover at nursery settings, with younger, more inexperienced practitioners.

• Playgroup costs far less than a private nursery, as do our local childminders. Plus, we also offer a greater staff to child ratio, free-flowing play and more flexible routines; nurseries often ‘fit’ children into routines that do not work for each individual tot.

Tracey added: “You do not need an appointment to visit us! Come and play or simply drop in when passing. What you see is what you get; a welcoming, friendly, stimulating and fun environment, with happy staff and happy children!”

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