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“We’ll tell anyone who’ll listen what a special place Playgroup is!”

That’s just one of the many wonderful comments that Tollerton Playgroup has received as part of its annual parent and child survey. This aims to capture feedback about what it’s like to be a child there, what the youngsters like and don’t like, and where improvements can be made.

As Tracey Owen, Supervisor at Tollerton Playgroup, explained: “This survey is hugely important to our staff and parent committee. It provides us with a benchmark each year to assess what’s working and what’s not as we strive to provide the best service for our families.

“Some of the comments from our tots are highly entertaining,” she continued. “One said he didn’t like Playgroup falling down when it’s windy! Another enjoyed playing outside because he is a superhero. And when asked how the children know when they’ve done something well, one said it’s because she is very clever!”

Tracey added: “On a serious note, we’ve had some lovely feedback from our parents. We feel very humbled and proud that we are held in such high esteem, and would like to thank you all for your heartfelt support.”

Here are a few of the highlights…

“She absolutely loves Playgroup and all the staff! She comes back happy and a little bit taller in personality every day.”

“The range of activities - free-play, story-time, yoga, forest school - are simply wonderful,” … “so varied and well thought out.”

”Playgroup has a loving family feel where you know each child is cherished and well looked after.”

“X has thrived… and is starting to feel ready for the next challenge of starting school in September. You’ve paved the way for this in everything you do!”

“The care given by all staff is exemplary, and their dedication and love has gone a long way in supporting our daughter and the whole family.”

“Playgroup has helped x come on in leaps and bounds, developing her independence and becoming her own person, rather than one half of the twins.”

For more information about Tollerton Playgroup, visit or find us on Facebook @TollertonPlaygroup.

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