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Walking wonders!

This week is sponsored walk week! All our children will be heading off on a little trek around the school field each day, with the aim of completing five laps. Phew! Our tots should sleep well afterwards!

Some of our littlies choose to run round, others skip, hop or dawdle... some like to hold hands, others need a little help along the way via a piggy back from one of our lovely members of staff! However they get round, it's a real achievement for their little feet. So please do dig deep and ask your friends and family to sponsor your child if they can!

All proceeds go back into improving Playgroup through the purchase of new books, games, toys or resources, or more outdoor and forest school equipment. Thankyou, as always, for your generosity and support!

NEWSFLASH !!!!! £520 raised!!!! WOW!!!! Thankyou so much everyone for your generosity!!!

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