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Summer fun for the small folk part 1!

With the holidays around the corner, you might be wondering how to fill the days and entertain your little folk. Here’s the first of two stories, with ideas from parents and staff, to keep boredom at bay!

1. Get blitzing and baking! Dust off that blender from those weaning days when you pureed everything in sight and put it to use again. Make a smoothie lolly or summer fruit cake to tickle your tot’s taste buds!

2. Have a mini sports day! Burn off some energy by throwing beanbags into a bucket, hula hoop-ing, having a sack / egg and spoon / three-legged race, playing skittles or scooting in a circle… the list of activities is endless!

3. Go on a nature walk! Dig out your magnifying glass and binoculars and get spotting! Find superworm and all his friends, make them a bug hotel, feed the ducks or go bird watching. You could even take part in the BBC’s GardenWatch, becoming citizen scientists for the day!

4. Make chalk scribbles and sock bubbles! Find some chalk and draw shadows and sketches on the ground. Or recycle a plastic bottle and any odd socks to make bubble snakes! Chop the bottom off the bottle, pop the sock over the end, dunk it in washing up liquid and blow gently down the bottle top. Hours of fun (and mess!)

5. Get rockin’! Have a game of stone hide and seek! Find a rock, paint it and hide it in the village. Look out for other painted stones and when you find one, post a pic on !

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