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Stop, Look and Listen!

We’ve all seen - or been - the parent who’s screeching at their young child to stop before they run out into the road. It’s a heart-stopping moment, and one which no-one ever wants to repeat. A solemn vow always follows to teach our tot more about the Green Cross Code.

With Road Safety Week 2019 around the corner (18th - 24th November), there’s no better time to do just that. There’s loads of information and resources available on and to help your youngster learn about the rules of the road.

Here at Playgroup, toy vehicles are a firm favourite among the little ones. Our staff can often be found using these props to play and teach them about the basics of road safety.

We also have specific topic weeks throughout the year that focus on ‘transport’ or ‘my body.’ These serve as a hook to once again, reinforce important safety messages, such as:

  • always hold hands with a grown up when out;

  • always stop, use our eyes to look and our ears to listen, before crossing the road;

  • and always look out for cars appearing from driveways.

Tracey Owen, Supervisor at Playgroup, said: “We believe it’s never too early to teach our children about road safety. It’s a joint effort between ourselves and our parents, and we always encourage the use of games to make the learning fun.

"Playing ‘eye spy’ or ‘I hear with my little ear’ are just some of the ways our grown-ups can help their children learn on their way to and from Playgroup.”

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