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Week 1 Activities - Frogs!

** This has been emailed to parents along with attachments which we can't easily post on here! **

Hi there everyone, we hope you are all keeping safe in these scary times, we are missing you all.

Each Wednesday I plan to send out some more ideas for activities, to keep our children busy

This week FROGS

(not an exhaustive list)

1. Can you sort through your books at home and find as many stories with frogs in as you can ?

(Sharing stories and talking about the picture, sequencing the story)

2. Google with your grown ups to find out about frogs, where they live, different frogs from different countries. Explore the life cycle of a frog. (or the old fashioned way and use encyclopedias, factual books !!!)

3. Explore the letter /sound "f", practice writing it (always start the letter at the top) and find as many things you can think of starting with F.

4. Sing 5 speckled frogs, counting on and backwards 1-5 and 5-1 (extend the numbers as appropriate to the child eg to 10/ to 20)

5.Cut out and make 5 speckled frogs (see attachment) make a picture or make into puppets, talk about what frogs eat !!

6. Order frogs 1-5 (see attachment)

7. work on hand control (see attachment) following the frog bouncing, always take pen left to right on the paper

8. Always practice writing the letters in your child's name

9. if you have a garden, try and get them out in the garden as much as you can.

Feel free to display work on our facebook page

I ll be in touch

Lots of love and virtual hugs

Tracey xxxxxxxx

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