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Week 4 Activities

**Parents - Please see emails for all the attachments!**

Good morning everyone

We hope you all managed to have a good Easter weekend

Thank you for all the lovely pictures you have sent, we are missing the children so much, please keep them coming! xxx

This half term our topic would have been Traditional Stories, we are going to carry on the theme as we suspect you have these stories at home !!

This week is THE 3 LITTLE PIGS

1. (attachment 1) Please find an e book of the story. Obviously use the books/stories you have !

Get the children to join in as you share the story.

2. (attachment 2) Puppets to colour and cut out, mount on sticks or stiff card. Retell the story, try to sequence in order.

3.(attachment 3) Role play masks, to cut out and add elastic /string/wool. Again retelling the story, whole family activity !!!??

4.Use any collage you can find (from the garden/wool/recycling box/material/paper anything). Can you make models or pictures of the houses, pigs, the wolf ?

5. Learn the rhyme " This little piggy went to market"

6. Use your construction sets, (duplo, bricks, anything etc) to build one of the pig's houses or a den to hide in. Can you make a strong house? How many people or teddies can you fit in? Has it got windows ? A door? A roof?

Can you blow it down?

7. (attachment 4) Hand control, follow the lines (left to right)

8. (attachment 5) Colouring sheet

9. This week's letter/sound is "p"

What can you find that begins with a "p"?

Practice writing (quite tricky !) start at the top line down, then back up to the top then round to the right !!

We hope you find these activities helpful, there is no pressure to do them !

Please keep the photos coming, we love to see them !!!!

Please keep safe.

Sending love

Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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