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Week 3 Activities

** Parents, please check your emails for all the attachments!**

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

The start of the third week !!

I hope you are finding these activities helpful !!

This week - EASTER

1. Talk about the story of Easter. I've attached a very simplified version of the Easter story (File 1) noting the key events of Easter week.

This can be a tricky subject to broach with small children. Please use/expand as you feel appropriate for your child.

2. Continuing on from last week, exploring eggs !! using the books and the internet. Talk about eggs as a symbol of new life, that is why we have them at Easter.

3. (Activity sheet 2) Cut out and stick a series of different sized eggs. You can go biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest. (using the terms biggest, bigger, smaller, little etc)

4. (Activity Sheet 3) some Colouring and number formation exercises, follow the green dot to the red one !! (All numbers start at the top !)

5. (File 4) Make and colour an Easter basket. (if you do have some thin card at home this may be better printed on card, or print on paper and stick on card ?!)

fill with whatever comes to hand !!!

6.(activity sheets 5 and 6) Use the Easter I spy sheets, to look for pictures relating to Easter and count.

This is a good activity for some great conversations about Easter.

7. (File 7) Cone bunny and chick ! cut, colour and make !!!!

8. (activity sheet 8) Easter Egg Hunt. Can you find all the Eggs hiding in the picture !! Have an Easter Egg Hunt at home (chocolate or card eggs !!)

9. Easter baking, making Easter bonnets, any other Easter sticking !!!!!

10. Eat Chocolate !!!!

As always every opportunity to be out in the garden, take it !!!!

Please send pictures via e email, facebook or messenger. we love to see them !!! (Especially of your Easter bakes !!!)

Tomorrow (Thursday 9th) Look out for a card through your door and something left on your doorstep !!!

A small army of volunteers are distributing something nice for all the children on their daily exercise walk ??!!

There are a few that will arrive with the post !!!

Hope you have a good week

Happy Easter to all

lots of love

Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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