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Week 7 Activities

*** Parents and carers - please check your emails for all attachments!***

Hi all

Hope you have all had a good week, can't believe we are at week 7 !!!!!

We are hoping you are all keeping safe and well, we are missing you all like crazy !

We hope the children liked their certificates. These have come to all the children in Nottinghamshire from the Lord Lieutenant. We as adults are struggling to comprehend what is going on, so what our children are thinking and feeling .......... Well done to you all. (ps. I did change the wording a bit !!!)

This week's activities are based on the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Plus looking at the preparations to celebrate VE day on Friday (see attachment 1)

1.Share the story of Sleeping beauty, either by book, by e -book, you tube. Talk about the characters and events .

2. Can you learn the song of "There was a princess long ago " You tube and cbeebies have a range of versions, very easy to learn and words are repetitive.

3. (Attachment 2) Spot the difference !

Talk about and identify the differences in the 2 pictures, Talkabout what makes things 'the same' you can play the game 'pairs' or help with the washing 'pairing socks'. anything where you find 2 the same.

4. Can you dress up as a prince or princess or fairy !! and re-enact the story. Lovely activity for the whole family to join in with .

5. (Attachment 3 and 4) Can you cut out and sort the princes or princesses into sizes, either order from big to little, put all little ones together, all the big ones, match the right sized prince with the princess .

6. (Attachment 5) Colouring Activity, can you colour the castle (shape and colour recognition)

7. Can you build/make a castle ? using whatever you have duplo/lego/wooden blocks/box modelling even a castle big enough for your child to fit in !!! (Den making )


8. (Attachment 6) Can you colour the flags to use as flags or make bunting (print off as many as you like, or cut triangles from fabric, paper, card old carrier bags and attach to string.

9. Have a celebration tea party. Help to make sandwiches and cakes to share with your family !!

10. Can you make a crown or hat to wear at the celebration.

11.(Attachment 7) Make a paper plane, will need adult/older sibling help !! Run off lots and have a whole squadron !!!

Have fun and enjoy.

Stay home and keep safe.

Lots of love Tracey xxxxxxxx

Have Fun and enjoy

Stay home and keep safe

Lots of love Tracey xxxxxxxx

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