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Week 9 Activities

*** Parents and Carers - please check your emails, all attachments have been circulated!***

Hello all

Can't believe it's Wednesday again !!!

We hope you are all surviving ! What lovely weather we are having !

At least we can all be outside in the sunshine, how lucky we are !

This week I would like the children (and you) to do lots of water play, watering plants, watering each other, paddling pools, water pistols etc etc. If you have old paintbrushes, paint with water on walls, concrete , patio , watching it evaporate with the sun ! Get lots of containers, raid the recycling box, cupboards, shed etc to do filling, emptying, pouring. Get some boats out, or make some (margarine tubs!!) how many people, animals can you fit in ? Gather selection of items, do some floating and sinking experiments (older siblings will no doubt get involved) Lots of learning while playing !! Young children love to play with water !!! and it's free !!(ish)

This week our story is Jack and the Beanstalk.

We are following on from last week's Enormous Turnip. Focussing on Mathematical Language (big, little, etc) and Growing Vegetables

1. As always "Storytime"- any versions you can access, but if you can "real" books and copies of the story are best !

Focus on the characters in the story, what happens, the repetitive text , how Jack feels . Talkabout the beginning, the middle and the end of the story.

2.(Attachment 1) Colour and cut out the pictures that tell some of the story, can you put them in the right order. Can you finish off the story by drawing what happens next ?

3. Talkabout "Sizes" following on from last week, when we looked at words that mean "big", can you find lots of words that mean "small".

Can you find something that is GIANT !!! Collect 4/5 things !!! (toys, shoes, books, anything !)can you order them by size, or make groups of big things and little things !! Use language like "bigger than, smaller than, taller than, shorter than" etc

4.(Attachment 2) Can you make a game ? A counting on game? Use the attachment as a base board, find a dice or make a dice (old building block !) What numbers can you put on ? Doesn't have to be numbers it can be spots to count. Doesn't have to be numbers 1-6, can just be numbers 123 ! Play around !! See if you can get Jack to the top !!

5.(Attachment 3) What do you need to grow a beanstalk ?

Colour, cut out and sort ! What do you need? What don't you need? If you can why not plant some beans ?

6. (Attachment 4) Hand control Activity , follow the dotted line. (Remember Left to right and top to bottom when working)

7 (Attachment 5) Counting Beans. Before you start make a number line together as an aid ( A strip of paper of card with numbers 1 to 10 on 11)

Can you count how many beans in each line? Older ones can write the number in the circle at the end, younger children counting as they point and some number recognition.

Focus for all children - recognising numbers to 5 and to 10. Colour.

As always, enjoy yourselves, enjoy your family time !

I am attaching again the activity sheet again which we sent back in March for ideas (I had a request from a parent !)

Keep in touch and keep the photos and videos coming !!! we are loving them !

Take care and keep safe

Lots of love and hugs

Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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