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Procedures and Protocol for the Kitchen Area

Version 1 - updated 26.05.20

1. Only 1 adult allowed in the kitchen at one time (to maintain 2m social distancing).

2. No bags or coats from home to be left in the kitchen. Either store in the Disabled toilet/ Hideout cupboard.

3. Wash hands for 20 seconds before going into the kitchen.

4. Before any activity in the kitchen, all surfaces must be cleaned. Please use spray and disposable paper towels, not washing up cloth.

5. All cutlery/ plates/ cups to be cleaned before use, unless previously sterilised.

6. All plates, cups etc to be used once, then washed. No drinks to be left unattended on a table, to prevent cross contamination.

7. As with usual food hygiene practices wash all fruit/ vegetables before use.

8. No food sharing or communal food. Each child’s food should be on his/ her own plate.

9. Any tea towels or washing up cloths should be used once, then placed in the washing bag.

10. When finished in the kitchen, all surfaces should be cleaned again and handles/ taps disinfected before leaving.

This protocol is one of seven Coronavirus protocols we have put in place, based on our overall risk assessment. These are:

  1. Parent protocol

  2. Staff protocol

  3. Effective infection protection and control protocol

  4. What happens if someone is unwell protocol

  5. Confirmed case protocol

  6. Kitchen protocol

  7. Handover protocol to after school provision

All are regularly reviewed / updated by staff / parent committee in line with Government guidance. All are published on our website –

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