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Week 10 Activities

***Parents/Carers; please check emails for all attachments!***

Hi all

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine !

Happy Half Term !!

This week's activities finish our Topic on Traditional Stories, with Noah's Ark !

We're continuing the theme from last week, I've heard lots of stories about water play !!! and seen lots of photos, keep them coming !!! and also keeping up the Rainbow theme, which has been so pertinent at the moment.

1. I'm hoping lots of you have copies of the story (lots of materials online) As always share the story with your child and encourage the children to join in and talk about the animals and the key parts of the story.

2. Water play !! Can you find a "boat" (or food tray or margarine tub anything)? How many animals (people) can you fit in ? What happens if too many are in? Can you find a bigger "boat"? What happens if you fill it again ? Good counting practice. Use words like Full/ Empty Float/Sink etc

3. (attachment 1) Noah's Ark hand control. Always start at the left, go to the right. Can you draw Noah in the Ark ?

4. (Attachment 2) Pairs. What are the 4 animals in the ark?, Can you cut out the pictures and match them to the one that is the same. If you have toy animals at home Can you find pairs that are the same ?

5. (Attachment 3) Numbers 1 to 10

Can you join the dots to make Noah's Ark , colour.

6. (Attachment 4) Can you find out the colours in a rainbow, colour , using numbers as the key.

Talkabout how a rainbow is made. Where are they seeing rainbows at the moment? Why? Can you chalk, paint or draw a rainbow?

As always, enjoy the outside, we are so lucky to have such lovely sunshine.

Thank you to whoever left a "Tollyrock" under our gate . It was beautiful, with lovely words on and was very much appreciated. We have put it in a special place inside.

Keep the photos and videos coming, we love to see them

Lots of love and hugs

Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ps Topic after half term is TRANSPORT

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