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Week 15 Activities

**Parents / Carers - please check emails for all attachments!**

Hi All

Another week !!!! I can't believe how quickly the term is going, only 3 weeks left !!!

This week we are exploring "Transport in the Air"

aeroplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, rockets !!

1. as always, explore your book shelves for stories and information books about vehicles in the air. We have been enjoying Aliens love underpants, Winnie the Witch,

Room on the Broom, whatever Next, Rocket Countdown. Which ones can you find ?

2. Can you make a Rocket or a Plane ? on a picture or a model. At Playgroup this week we have used plastic bottles and kitchen roll middles, plus plenty of collage materials. We'd love to see

your creations !

3. (Attachment 1) Hand control. Can you follow the dotted lines to make a colourful rocket ! (As always, watch your child's pencil grip and work from left to right, or top to bottom !)

4. (Attachment 2) Size ordering. Can you cut out the rockets and order from biggest to littlest, then stick them down in order.

5. (Attachment 3) Another of our sorting activities. Can you cut out the sheet of vehicles? Can you name them ?

Can you sort them out putting the vehicles in the Air, on the Road or in the Water ? (you won't need all the pictures !!!)

Lots of opportunity for discussion !

6. Can you explore Space and Rocket travel (google or books). Look at the planets and stars. Lot's of discussion about what it might be like on the moon or in Space ?!

7. Can you sing "5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer " Lots of versions available on you-tube and cbeebies. We are really missing singing with the children and this is one of our favourites 1

8. (Attachment 4) 2D shape colouring. similar to last week's activity. can you name the shapes and colour.

9. (Attachment 5) Counting Activity.

Can you count how many stars, planes, balloons etc you can see in the picture ? Good practice for counting 1 to 1 and number recognition.

As always, we love to see what you are all up to, photos always welcome. The ones you have sent us have been brilliant !! Thank you so much, we are missing you all !!

Thank you also for the wonderful new facebook reviews !! We have been humbled by your lovely comments, we are so grateful xxxx

We are beginning to plan for September !! We are still awaiting the Government guidance, but are assuming that we will be operating as near normal as we can. Obviously this is subject to change !!!!

Can you let me know what sessions/ days you will be needing for September please (obviously not our School Leavers) You can either e mail/ fb messenger/ phone ( the phone will be on divert again throughout the Summer Holidays)

Take care and keep safe

Lots of love

Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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