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Co-op community raises pounds for Playgroup!!

We have been absolutely astounded to hear that, through the Co-op's Local Community Fund, for which we were successfully nominated last year, we have been awarded a GRAND TOTAL of £1,868!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for signing up to the scheme and pledging your support to Playgroup every time you shopped in your local Co-op store. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine such a fantastic amount of money would be winging its way to us. Chuffed doesn't even describe it!!!!

We can't wait to invest the money in the Spring and make improvements to our outdoor play area. We'll share full details of the plan in the coming months.

Thanks so much again to the wonderful Co-op for running such a great initiative, and to our lovely families and friends for getting behind it and supporting our fundraising efforts.


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