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Keeping squeaky clean...

Some of you may be aware that Hideout Out of School Club, with whom we share the building, has had to close until Monday 19th July 2021 due to a positive case of Covid-19.

Playgroup has taken advice from Public Health England who advised there is no reason for any of our staff or families to isolate as a result. Playgroup remains open and it's business as usual for our little people!

Playgroup and Hideout have a strict hygiene protocol in place which all staff adhere to when the building is being handed over between us each day, in the mornings and afternoons. This sets out the standards in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and handwashing that we expect everyone to meet in order to keep everyone as safe as possible, The building is also regularly deep-cleaned.

We also follow social distancing and mask / visor wearing requirements, and have staggered timings when handing over the building to minimise any potential risks of cross contamination via staff.

We hope this provides continued reassurance to our parents, carers, and families. Thankyou for your ongoing support.

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